HLB Magazine Listings

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a listing in our HLB magazine. The summer edition (August-December) for this magazine is scheduled to be released August 2018.

Exclusivity: *Only active Houston Latina Bloggers members can purchase a listing in this magazine.  To be an active member you must be in our closed Facebook group and are following all of our social media channels. 

AD DEADLINE: Your listing/advertisement are due by July 16.

This magazine & listing is scheduled to be shared with regional marketing and advertising agencies, as well as the local Houston community.  It’s also going to be listed on our website as a free download.

*After you process payment, go to the bottom of the page to submit your ad.

QUESTIONS?? If you have any questions or would like more information, please email Danelia at email hello@danelialoves.com.

LISTING & PRICING OPTIONS: *Limited spaces for some of the options.

You can purchase more than one listing if you have different blog(s) and/or business.

Option 1: Listing Only

Listings will be by category. Includes First and Last name, Blog website, and email contact.


Option 2: Listing, with photo up to 1/4 page advertisement

Quarter page (square) 3 5/8"w x 4 1/2"h *ONLY 10 spots per category available.


Option 3: Listing plus (1/2 page) advertisement

Half page (horizontal) 7.5″w x 4.5″h *ONLY 5 spots available.


Option 4: Article and 1/2 page Ad

Please submit the article in a word document. Less than 2000 characters. Half page (horizontal) 7.5″w x 4.5″h *ONLY 10 spots available.


*Refund policy: No refund once the listing has been purchased.  

AD DEADLINE: Your listing/advertisement are due by July 16.

SUBMIT YOUR AD HERE ONCE PAYMENT IS PROCESSED >> Advertisement needs to be submitted by google form AFTER payment has been received.