Quitting Caffeine

I used to drink coffee with caffeine like it was never running out of style. I was at my max of 4 cups a day when I felt as though I could not even feel the effects of it anymore. I was having issues sleeping , and in turn, it was making me wake up every few hours while I was sleeping. 

I decided to look into the positives of quitting caffeine and it has been very life changing ever since I went down that road. Now , don’t get me wrong, sometimes mom life running to Starbucks, but I am no where near drinking the 4 cups of caffeine I was doing . These are the benefits I experienced when I quit caffeine :

* Uninterrupted sleep for 7 hours. This is huge. You cannot lose weight, relieve stress without getting proper rest. 
*Less anxiety. Ahhhh the panicking feelings we get seemed to be cut by , if I had to put a number on it , 80%!!! 
*Less headaches 
*Clearer and more youthful looking skin

You should take your time tapering off the caffeine and not quit cold turkey (unless you would like to get a massive headache – this is what I did , and although it worked well for me, it might not work well for others).

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