The Truth about Bikini Waxing 👀 👀

Waxing has always been something that terrified me and for a while I thought about it. I looked up videos of peoples reactions on youtube, I researched if it was worth it, what kind of wax to get, and where to go. Me being very busy, and an appointment oriented person means two things. Since I’m busy, and most of the time in a rush to a meeting.. wether in the morning or middle of the day I shower but most of the time don’t make time to go to town and get rid of any hair that might be growing down there 🙈. As a feminist I truly don’t believe in self grooming for a man. I personally do it for myself because, I personally don’t like all that growing, I like to put a bikini on and not have to worry about anything showing.

SO..After finally getting tired of having to remember to shave all the time in the shower I decided to just go for it and not think about it too much because I would change my mind AGAIN. I have to say the whole first wax free promo at European Wax Center is a very good excuse to see if it’s too much or if you can handle the pain. The first time, no doubt was the most painful, as soon as I was walked down the hallway into the room I could just feel the temperature in my body rising. I was panicking a lot does not even begin to describe it. When the wax technician put the first amount of hard wax on my skin, I knew there was no turning back.

Man that first rip really hits your soul- let me tell ya. Fast forward a good 15 minutes later, and I walked out feeling a little bit of a faint pain but nothing that can’t be handled. Let me tell you, it is the BEST decision I’ve made one year strong LOL. If you’re thinking about it and are scared I say just GO FOR IT. Is it gonna hurt a little at first, DUH! but at least you don’t have to shave every day or every week… I’m Just Saying 🤷🏾

See you next week with a new post, leave a comment below if you’re loyal to waxing or any questions you may have if you’re thinking about going for it. Hasta la proxima! See you next time!