Hello Everyone + thank you for checking out my blog! This post will be directly to help me continue my giveback journey to the NICU at Memorial Hermann in the Medical Center. I have been donating cute and inspiring artwork for parents to pick and choose from to decorate the bedside of their child. I use my own materials and time to put together the art and then will deliver it to the hospital.

How you can help!

I am asking for any type of donations that can be made thru Amazon and mailed directly to me. These materials will be used solely for the purpose of creating art for the children at the hospital. This is all for giveback, and I do not profit any money in anyway. 

Why do I donate?

We were in the NICU for 3 months, and saw many families come and go. I was able to create art for our twins at the time of their stay, and after our son passed in the NICU. I felt in my heart to spread more love to everyone. So I started to design art and leave at the front desk. I hoped to bring smiles to the faces of the parents who unknowingly know what to expect from day to day. The NICU is a place where it is very bitter sweet and drains families to be there for their children. We traveled back and forth everyday to visit the twins, and then Selena. I know that God has blessed me with a talent and I hope to keep spreading happiness thru my work. It’s the least of what I can do to giveback and I hope that you can help me continue that journey!

Click the button below to check out the Amazon list ad see if you can donate anything for me to use to continue making art!AMAZON LIST