Oh, HEY 2019!

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2019! I have to say, 2018 was all over the place for me. I started the blog, I took 3 classes at school knowing that it was already too much for me to handle, I worked full time, and I had Elijah in sports. I put more than I could handle on my plate but I made it work. Now I am here, in 2019 and I am pumped for what is ahead.


Minor maintenance is coming

Maintenance? Yep, I started with a PattyTellsAll logo! I am going to slowly start to revamp my website and blog. I will have categories for my posts, [Food, events, brands, beauty, photography] Yep, I will have a category for PattyPics|Photography. I want the website and blog to be user friendly and for everyone to utilize it as best as possible.

Check out my new logo, designed and created by ME!

Check out my new logo, designed and created by ME!

2019 News and announcements

I am proud to announce that I am officially on board with Zipkick! I will be taking part in their Houston region as a brand ambassador. This is a great opportunity for myself as an influencer and someone who is currently studying and majoring in communication in public relations and advertising.

Zipkick Brand Ambassador Badge(1).png

I am also still in school and hoping to transfer to UH in the fall, WISH ME LUCK!

If you follow me on instagram, which I hope you do, you will start to notice a new flow to my photos and postings. I am excited to start working with new brands this year, one of them being Kroger. I have some upcoming campaigns with them and I am excited to broaden PattyTellsAll demographic. I will also expand the foodie portion of my posts and stories!

What’s to come

PattyTellsAll turns ONE January 26! Where did the time go?!? Something I told myself was that I will start writing more so with that being said, I will be posting 2-3 posts a MONTH. Am I crazy? Maybe? But this is something I want to do. I started all of this to write and that is what I intend to do. Some upcoming posts I have are;

  • Smile Brilliant whitening kit details
  • PattyTellsAll Post mixer
  • Valentine’s Datenight guide
  • Valentine’s gift guide for him and her
  • St.Patrick’s Day hot spots
  • Burger spots in Houston
  • Mon – Thur Steak night spots
  • Pupusa recipe & pupusa restaurants in Houston

There is so much to come and I am so positive about this year.

Thank you for being here, thank you for reading, and thank you for the continuous support. I turned an idea into something real and something that I didn’t know I was so passionate about. Let’s make this THE YEAR, the best year!

xoxo patty.png

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