My mom is my SHERO!

When I think of my mother, the first thing that pops into my head is unconditional love.


When I say I am truly blessed with the kindest, giving and loving souls, I’m not kidding.  Anyone who knows my mom says she is nothing but love.   Although, my childhood was not perfect she made it a perfect home for us kids by her overabundance of love for the family.

DOLL LESSON:  I had to choose from owning my first ever Barbie doll over a pair of pants.  I could tell she struggled telling me I had to pick one because we couldn’t afford both.  Of course, my choice was obvious to me.  I needed pants so I got a new pair of pants instead of the Barbie doll.  I shared this story to my boys and they felt sad.  I quickly told them I wasn’t sad with my decision because I understood at an early age what mattered.  The pants are what I NEEDED and the doll was I WANTED.  We discussed this moment, years later and she told me how guilty she felt that day for letting me down.  I was quick to tell her I didn’t feel bad that day.  I learned the lesson of what I needed vs. wanted.


My mom always told me to wake up with a heart full of gratitude.  Even when you are going through difficult times she always let her heart shine through with love.  I watched in awe as she would be so giving of herself, even when she was going through some tough times.

I have so many other lessons I could share but we will be here all day reading…so I shared my top two!


To this day, we speak whenever we can about life, kids, work, friends, etc. and I always leave with my heart full. She truly is a blessing to everyone in her life.

Even though my mom is tiny in stature, she is the strongest woman I know.  I am so incredibly blessed to have a mama like her.  She truly is my SHERO!

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