Clothes Challenge 2019

Hey, y’all! I hope you’re kicking butt on your 2019 goals thus far. If you haven’t set any and are thinking you might want to, then maybe this is the perfect one for you

Outfit deets: JeansBoots (newer), Blazer (similar)

Lately, I’ve been really revamping my idea of material possessions & the way I spend money. After my latest twice a year closet clean out I was almost disgusted… I had bought, held onto, and never used certain clothing items more than a couple of times, yet I had soooo many clothes! I finally realized I was such a consumer- always shopping for every event, never mixing up my styles/items for fresh outfits, but instead buying more! 

Well, this year I decided I’m DONE!!! After my clean out I have resolved to wear every stitch of clothing I currently own until there is nothing left. Each time I dress myself I will examine my choice to see if I truly love/need the item & if I don’t it’s out of my closet for good. I am currently a few outfits in & I’m loving the process. I don’t get dressed every day, so I suspect this challenge will be long running. However, for the sake of getting through all my clothes in a somewhat timely manner I am reserving a section of my closet to hold my “keep” pile that has already been worn. So, I probably won’t be repeating each piece throughout the challenge.. unless the weather in Texas forces me too, I will at least weed out what I know I no longer find joy in. At the end of this challenge I will (hopefully) have all the clothes left that I love and would be happy to wear again & again. 

So what do you think? Does this sound like something you’d like to do? If so, let me know how it goes for you! A few of my instagram peeps have joined in & I’m so excited for them. You can check out my highlight “Closet Clean Out” on insta to follow along my journey. 

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Ps- How cute is this outfit I pieced together from items I already owned (pictured)!?

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