Val Around Town: My Experience with Cupping!

In my quest to find the perfect balance between tacos and wellness, I am always looking for new ways to destress and reverse the signs of aging! From modern technology to ancient ways and everything in between. My most recent experience was a practice that is referenced in the oldest book in the world, the Ebers Papyrus, and was practiced as early as 1550 BC! It’s an alternative medicine called cupping.

A behind the scenes look at the ancient therapy of cupping from Lifestyle Blogger Val Around Town

It’s practically been around forever so I guess it’s safe to say it works, right? What is exactly is cupping and why do people do it? Thanks to HOLISTIC HEALING ACUPUNCTURE, I was able to try it and bring you behind the scenes into the world of cupping.

What happens during the process?

The process itself involves the practitioner putting a flammable substance in a cup and sets that on fire. After the fire goes out, the cup is placed upside down on your skin. It creates a vacuum once the air inside the cup cools off and is usually kept on your skin for up to 3 minutes.


What does it feel like and was it painful?
You feel a tiny suction pulling and pinching your skin. Imagine what a tiny vacuum would feel like skimming your back. During the process the cups were moved and released several times and I did not experience any pain during or after the procedure. It was felt like a strong massage.

How long does it take?
Less than 30 minutes. All treatments are customized for needs so may vary with consultation.

Did it leave any marks or were you sore?
Yes. I have very fair skin, so I did have light circular marks as well as soreness the day after. The marks only lasted about a day as did the soreness. Neither kept me from my normal routine and travel plans. I would not advise trying it before a beach vacay but other than that you should be fine!

Why would someone consider cupping?
There are many reasons to try cupping. The most common ones are stress and pain management. Cupping has been known to help with so many things but the ones that really peeked this mama’s interest were stress management, anxiety, weight control, wrinkles and reducing the appearance of cellulite- yes to all of those PLEASE!

A behind the scenes look at the ancient therapy of cupping from Lifestyle Blogger Val Around Town

My overall experience with cupping was great! I felt so relaxed afterwards, AMANDA was so friendly and personable (plus a fellow Latina Business Owner) and would try this again! Consider cupping, this would make a perfect gift for that person who has everything or for that mom that needs a little TLC this holiday season! And did I mention, every product they use is natural!

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Want to see what Acupuncture looks like, see my behind the scenes video – HERE!