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It’s no secret that I am Central American, I show my Salvadorean pride high and proud but did you know there are 5 countries in Central America? Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras. I had the privilege of getting together with a friend who is visiting from Honduras to talk about the tourism there!


Ana and I sat down and I asked for about the tourism in Honduras. We talked about their culture, their food, their beaches, and beauty. By the end of our talk I was ready to book my vacation and go visit Honduras for myself. Before getting down to business about our interview here are some facts you probably did not know about Honduras.

  • The country is well on its way to record a tourism spend increase of over US$20 million
  • The country is expected to close the year receiving 7 percent additional overnight tourist arrivals when compared to 2017
  • Estimated increase of 15% in cruise ship passengers – Houston being one of the largest source markets.
  • Honduras covers 111,890 square kilometers of land and 200 square kilometers of water, making it the 103rd largest nation in the world with a total area of 112,090 square kilometers.

Tourism in Honduras

I really don’t think we give Central America enough credit. The pictures above show the the beautiful scenery from Honduras. Ana Lucia Funes Trejo is so passionate and proud of her country. With over 700 KM of clear blue water and white sand Ana had a hard time picking her favorite beach.

One of the top rated beaches is Roatán, Bay Islands. Roatán is a beautiful beach that you can snorkel, swim with the dolphins, and scuba dive. Whether you are adventurous and want to zip line or you love nature and want to bird watch, Honduras is some where you can do that.

Eating the best seafood you can, you will not go hungry in Honduras. What makes Honduras a great place to travel is the culture and how the minute you show up you will be welcomed with open arms by the genuine, friendly people of Honduras.

The estimated currency exchange rate is 28 lempiras per $1 (American dollar) making Honduras very affordable.

If you haven’t traveled to Honduras, I really recommend adding it to your places to visit. I am already planning a 2019 trip to Honduras, will you be joining me?


Watch my interview with Ana where she answers all of my questions about Traveling and visiting Honduras!


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