Out of Office Chic: 3 Tips I Learned from Chloe Dao About Being A Houston Blogger

Lately I’ve been in a blogger funk. It’s been tough to post on Instagram daily without posting the same picture wearing the same outfit over and over at the EXACT same places that many other Houston Bloggers are posting at. It’s been a rough month to say the least, but last night I attended an event with @annpanada and @chloedao, and now I feel a fire has been LIT, so I’m ready to start back at it again.

Here are the 3 Blogging Tips I learned from Chloe Dao:

1) Captions- “The biggest hint that I’ve ever learned is not just posting pictures but writing something really informative and connecting about your pictures.” –Chloe Dao

I definitely could resonate with this comment, because when I post pictures on Instagram I try to tell a story, or make it relatable. I want my captions to be fun, entertaining, and meaningful all at the same time. I find that I have the most likes and engagement on my long captions that tell a time where I conquered something, whether it be a fear, or an obstacle in my life. I love sharing my wins and aim to inspire my followers.

2) Engagement- This one is huge, Chloe recently sat down with Top of the Top Houston Bloggers that have 300K+ followers and asked them what their secret was, and they said ENGAGEMENT. They sit down for a few hours to comment and like their followers’ photos.

If you’re new to Instagram or new to Blogging, the best way to put yourself out there is to ENGAGE. Throughout the day from AM to PM, I am on Instagram engaging, commenting on outfits, vacations, food, new spots in Houston, everything. I love engaging, it gives me the opportunity to really connect with other Houston Bloggers and see what trends they’re shooting or what products they’re collaborating with. Also one thing that I’ve learned over time is not to be afraid to DM another blogger about their tips and tricks about working with brands. I’ve met so many Houston Bloggers on Instagram that when I meet them IN REAL LIFE, it feels as though I already know them.

3) Networking- Chloe called the group out and it was pretty awesome actually. She talked about its super important to Network when you are a Blogger and then stated, “I think only 2 of you came up to me.” (There were at 25+ people at the event.) She also said she noticed bloggers staying in cliques (guilty) with people they already knew, and that we needed to move around more to mingle and network. Yep, it got real. I think all of us woke up and after that it was incredibly loud in the boutique! Houston Bloggers were mingling up a storm and you better believe I joined in on the fun.

Don’t ever be afraid to DM, I met @texas_chingona through DM, and when she asked me to be apart of a photoshoot for her T-Shirt Line I was more than thrilled! Her shirts are fabulous and we’ve all got a little Chingona in us. Learn more at https://texas-chingona.myshopify.com/. Pictured from Right to Left: @fullhouseofroyals, @shewillsay, @thesociallyconnected, @mini.cana, @outofofficechic
Networking with Local Houston Entrepreneurs @marilynmonrolex at Brand Lab Houston, A space for women by women!

For me, this one is tough, I feel like as I get older I get comfortable talking to people I know already. I guess part of me gets shy in this aspect, however after hearing the Chloe Call Out, I had to “Get Over Myself.” Truth be told if you want to succeed in any time of business, no one gets anywhere by being shy. Also to be honest with most of you, the blogging events that I have been to in Houston, every blogger is incredibly kind, and open to giving advice and striking up a conversation.

@finding.arianna She’s an incredible photographer and blogs about Fashion, Beauty, Health and Faith. I especially love her Motivational Monday Post

Ann’s event was a smash, and Chloe Dao was incredibly motivational. I just got to say that I continue to love this city and how fantastic Houstonians are, and how we continue to chase our goals together. Thank you so much for the inspiration Chloe Dao and my fellow Houston Bloggers.

At @annpanada’s Holiday Style Social, Chloe Dao Boutique. Pictured from Right to Left @pattytellsall, @oh_gaspboutique, @laceupsandthunderthighs, @outofofficechic, @susloveshou

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