The Lofty Mom: Fulfilling Little Mouths

As our kids grow up, so do their needs! Selena has been getting more teeth, and also has been getting occupational therapy to help her development. Nûby has always provided great options for these growing babies to enjoy and also help their development! Check out these new toys and why we love them!

1. Squeezy Teethe

2. Splish Splash Bath Time Stacking cups

3. Gumball Teether

#1: Squeezy Teethe

This toy comes in a variety of playful characters! We chose the blue peacock and it is such a cute toy! The teether is intended for kiddos who are 3+ months. It is soft and made out of natural rubber. It has a textured body to help soothe those little gums and even makes a funny squeak when she squeezes it! I love that I can wipe it clean, and easily take on the go for her.

#2: Stacking Cups

Occupational therapy has opened our eyes to how important choosing our toys are. I try to find toys that will teach and help their development thrive! I love the stacking cups because they are full of color and have great uses of play! Firstly she can use these in during bath time or during regular playtime! The bottoms of the cups have different shaped cutouts that release water from the bottom. When not being used in the bath she is able to utilize her hands to “tale-out” and utilize her thumb and pointer finger at the same time. This is a technique that she is slowly learning to do more, and so it is pivotal to help her through play!

#3: Gumball Teether

This may be pretty obvious of why we love this toy…but Selena is in NEED of toys to help soothe and relax those gums! This little ball is really cool and reminded me of an old toy we had growing up! The brightly colored spikes are textured differently to help give different sensations to her sore gums. It’s intended for kiddos who are also 3+ months, and is made of soft silicone. It’s small for on the go, and super easy to clean!
All BPA FreePicture
Transitioning the girls early on is a key component of their development. Nûby provides amazing products time after time. I love using their products in these key milestones of growth and development. We have started a new style of cup for Selena to drink from and Emma has found another great cup for her fast happening toddler-life!

1. 2 Handle 360 Wonder Cup

2. Thirsty Kids Flip-It Boost

#1: 2 Handle 360 Wonder Cup

Selena has had no issues with different sippy cup styles, however when we introduced the 360 Wonder Cup she had no idea what to do. I stayed persistent and left her that as her only option to drink from. Trial and error lasted 30 minutes, and then finally she understood what to do. She instantly became a pro and loves drinking from her 360 Wonder Cup. The cup is perfect for everyday use, and on-the-go! They come with lids and are super easy to wash out and clean! They don’t leak and hold up to 8 oz of any drink. I love the durability of the cup and ease of her holding and drinking from it. This is a great cup to introduce to them and help them learn new ways to drink and help train them for that next step..drinking like a BIG KID! A must have cup for sure!

#2: Thirsty Kids Flip-it Boost

Emma has become a pro at all cups now, thanks to Nûby! So I love trying to find fun colored, and cute cups to keep her on trend and make drinking time always FUN! This cup is another great cup for moms on-the-go and for toddlers who have a fast paced way of life! Emma is always running around and loves to take her cup with her. She tends to drop them, and misplace them around the apartment. As a mom I look for ease when it comes to breakdown the cups and clean, and for hygiene coverage. This cup offers a top flip cover to protect the straw from being exposed. So being able to have her easily flip it back and forth is great! It is great for her to easily carry and hold while running around! The cup can hold up to 12 oz of drinks and includes a straw with a TOUCH-FLO valve. The no spill feature and durability of the cup also helps ensure less mess while she runs and drinks on-the-go! Great cup and highly recommend!



With all of Selena’s new teeth coming in, we have to make sure to give her the best oral care! Nûby has a great oral care set that is a 4 stage system. It comes with different brush heads to help soothe, and clean those new teeth and freshly ruptured gums. It helps promote good oral hygiene at a young age that is pivotal for their development. Selena has enjoyed her gums being brushed, and those little teeth. It gives me peace of mind that we are taking care of her all around, and not forgetting those new baby teeth! Emma also used this 4 stage system and is now a pro at brushing her teeth. This oral care set is great for your kiddo to grow up into and to help you give them that oral care they need.