Out of Office Chic: Inside the Flower Vault

I’ve been wanting to check out the Flower Vault for a while as I had this vision to do a Style Gown Series. I think one question that comes to my mind is that is the Flower Vault really worth it? And I’m not going to lie to you all. There were a few mishaps that happened at the Flower Vault which I’ll go into later and stay tuned for the PRO TIP!

I was incredibly excited that for this shoot and I had some friends join along! It took a lot for me to put myself out there online. I think as a new blogger, you have certain insecurities and worries. I’ve received overwhelming support from friends and have even been asked to join in on the fun. These gals below are everything.

Now when we showed up to the Flower Vault, the staff member seemed disoriented when we were trying to Check-In. She told us, “Did I tell you everything about the rooms?” and we looked at her confused because we literally had just gotten there. Then she asked us where our dog was, and I had to politely say, “I have two tickets for two humans.” There were also leaks in the ceiling from the rain, and some of our stuff got wet. They limit the amount of time you can be in there to One hour and the price tag is $20. If you stay later than that, its 50 cents per minute! Children under 10 are free, and pets are $10. You would be surprised how many dogs we saw that day!

Pictured Below: 4 Rooms for the Entry fee of $20.

Now here is your Big Secret Pro Tip… Are you ready? Drumroll please!
This room below is completely FREE, meaning you can skip paying the $20 and just come and shoot on the most prettiest wall completely FREE and take yourself to lunch.




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